25 thoughts on “1000 Ways To Die #146 Belly’d Up

  1. Wow your so stupid there isn’t gonna be a final destination 5. Thunk about it. The last one was called THE FINAL DESTINATION

  2. @toocoolio9 When I die I want one of my friends to change my facebook status to, “Is chillin with Jesus”.

  3. @JerseyGirlAlex15 it’s called “magic” XD. but you know, she’s kinda light because she’s so skinny so if you put that into account, that maybe a reason why.

  4. ive dealt w/ a twinspotted ratller and some black widow while herping/arachning but never got taged by anything worse venomwise than a rear fanged southern ringneck
    thats cause i dont keep vipers, elapids or deadly spiders as pets,yet i own a bps birdeater which is quite toxic for nondeadly tauratulas

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